Inspired by an American Hero


Inspired by an American Hero

I’ve been a NON-blogger for months, I felt that my words never came out right, but I’m throwing caution to the wind and trying to just share art and life….I will try and not my lack of words cripple me. This is a piece of art I did for a friend who recently lost her husband, who earned THREE purple hearts in the Vietnam War, he was a true American Hero.


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  1. Hi Rena, I stumbled on to this through something my sister-in-law Shirley liked on Facebook. Happy Anniversary. How have you been? I am well. Two grown sons who I am very proud of. You would be shocked at what good kids they are. Nothing like their dad. Jason Cooke P.S. I still have my Tazmanian Devil dated 1984

  2. Jason, Dude, so funny to hear from you!! I’ve been doing well, still drawing. Happy to hear you have such nice boys. I don’t remember you being a bad kid, just needed a little additude adjustment maybe. I’m cracking up that you still have the Taz drawing I did in ’84, he’s still one of my favorite characters! lol. Check back, once I get a sample of the fabric I designed I will be posting it!! and some Christmas stuff that I got llicensed as well. Tell your mom hello, and take care Jason.

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