quilt for bambino!!!


quilt for bambino!!!

quilt top finished….no pattern, just made it up as I went….BUT, it’s not laying flat people…even after I pressed it. Now what the heck do I do?? Hopefully my wonderful quilt shop ladies will have some suggestions. I really didn’t expect this to happen, not the end of the world, but all this work, and now it won’t lay flat…really? BUMMED!!!! Next question I ask myself, if I can get it to lay flat….HOW SHOULD I QUILT IT???? circles? meandering stitch? hearts? It’s for our Grandbaby, and I really just want it to be cute….Any suggestions out there?? Moral of this story, if your going to make a quilt up as you go….ask HOW to make sure it will lay flat BEFORE you start to skip the headache later!!! Wish me luck people!! I’m going to need it!!


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